How to: match nail polish with your skin colour

How to: match nail polish with your skin colour

How to: match nail polish with your skin colour

From nude to fuchsia and from mint green to bright red: which colour nail polish looks good has a lot to do with the undertones of your skin. Curious about the ideal match for your skin tone? We list the most beautiful colours per skin colour.

Nail polish for light skin

Do you have a bright skin colour? Then pastel shades look great on you. These soft colours match well with your light skin tone and let both your hands and nails shine. Choose pale pink, pastel yellow or light green to turn your hands into real eye-catchers. When you have light skin, you can best leave dark shades. The darker the nail polish, the more your nails will accentuate the whiteness of your skin.

The Take-Away Nail Color from Herome comes in 200 shades, so a good match is guaranteed. With the colours 39 (old pink), 50 (mint), 57 (pastel green), 126 (light grey) and 184 (light yellow) you are certainly in good shape if you have fair skin. Do you want a new colour of nail polish regularly to match your light skin? The small bottles (4 ml) make trying out very easy!

Nail polish for medium skin

When you have a medium skin tone, the undertones of your skin are warm. Nail polish that fits well with your skin colour is also warm in colour. Think typical autumn hues, with a brown or gold undertone. These shades make your warm undertone shine, and your nails stand out perfectly. Would you prefer a bit more colour? With the medium skin tone, brighter colours also look great, provided they are not too cold. Fresh nail polish makes your warm skin fade – that’s a shame!

Warm shades of nail polish that look great with medium skin include the Take-Away Nail Color in hue 8 (brown red), 37 (dark brown), 72 (black) and 105 (dark red). Nail polish in bright colours with a warm undertone also looks excellent with a medium skin tone. Consider blue, red or purple.

Nail polish for dark skin

Lucky you: with a dark skin colour you can have all shades of nail polish. From sultry, warm tones to bright hues of nail polish and metallic and glitter nail polish. When your skin colour is dark, there are few things you need to take into account when it comes to nail polish; almost everything looks good on your nails. When warm tones are your thing, burgundy is the right choice. Or go for dark brown or deep purple. Also lovely: unpack with glitter. The Take-Away Nail Color polishes come with a metallic finish or glitter, for example, colour 145, colour 163 and colour 181.

Brightly coloured nail polish comes into its own with dark skin colour. Let your nails pop with bright pink nail polish, a bright blue tint or go all the way with mustard yellow.

Extend the shelf life of varnished nails

Whatever colour nail polish looks great with your skin colour, the following applies to all pins: you extend the shelf life of your nails by using a base coat and top coat. The Ridge Filling Base Coat prevents discolouration of the nails – which can be a problem especially with dark and bright shades of nail polish – and makes the nail surface nicely flat. The perfect starting point for a beautiful colour on your nails.

Ready with your favourite colour? A topcoat gives extraine and ensures that your paint lasts longer. The Protecting Top Coat dries within ten seconds!

Let your nail polish shine again

Have you found your match, but has your nail polish colour gone dull after a few days? And are you not ready for a new shade? Let your nails shine again with Colour Revival. You apply this transparent varnish with a glossy finish over your dull nail polish to breathe new life into your nail polish. Also beautiful: the paint repairs scratches. That way, your painted nails can get back on it, with a new shine.

What is your favourite nail polish colour?