Herome was founded 40 years ago

Herome was founded 40 years ago

Herome was founded 40 years ago

How was it then vs now?

The Nail Hardener Strong and the Direct Desinfect are the inaugural products with which it all began 40 years ago. Our founder, Margreet van Roemburg, was in the UK when she decided to launch these Herome-favourites in the Netherlands. She wanted products that could boost the confidence of women.

‘Mum is a real entrepreneur at heart’, says daughter, Djanu. She, too, has been actively involved from the get-go.

Pots, pots and more pots

There are little pots all over the place, including different lipsticks and great make-up. ‘I would hardly consider us extreme beauty fanatics, but we do love good products. We have all sorts of little pots dotted around the bathroom, nail polish on the table and gorgeous make-up to hand,’ says Djanu. ‘A quick spruce-up of the nails goes without saying. My friends often ask me for a file because they know that I always have one with me, come rain or shine.’

Herome favourites

The Glass Nail File happens to be one of Djanu’s favourites. But there are many more: ‘The Natural Nail Hardener Pink Glow looks amazing. It’s easy to apply and dries in no time. Plus, you can be quite messy with it. However you do it, your nails will always look beautiful. Also, I have recently rediscovered the Glamour Nail Whitener—a pearly white variant that looks stunning! I have it on my toes right now.’

Herome nail hardener

Although Herome now has a very extensive international range of beauty products available, it all began with just two products: the Herome Nail Hardener Strong and the Direct Desinfect. ‘The Nail Hardener Strong was a favourite in America, whereas the Direct Desinfect was typically only used by doctors’, says Djanu.

All done in-house

From boxing up to sending out, Herome does it all in-house. And that’s the way it’s always been. ‘I was about eight years old at the time. I remember standing at the packing station with my grandma, who kept telling me to pick up the pace up! We packed everything by hand, and that is still true today.’ It certainly paid off because Herome is now the leading nail care provider in the Netherlands.

Herome around the world

Djanu makes sure that products are purchased on time, with enough stock to last. She is in charge of the warehouse—and that requires a lot of planning and coordination. Currently, Herome exports to 20 different countries. ‘Australia was the first. I remember thinking: mum, couldn’t you have tried for somewhere a little closer to home?’ But she was always a ‘go big or go home’ kind of person. We continue to export our products to 20 countries around the world, and everything happens from our warehouse here in Almere.









Bij de eerste vermelding van de oprichtster zou ik de volledige naam gebruiken.


Ik vind dit verhaal vrij moeilijk te volgen. Dit hier (https://www.herome.com/over-ons/) geeft aan dat Margreet dit allemaal in Engeland ontdekte, niet in Amerika. Waarom was ze in de VS and hoe komt het dat deze producten daar al verkrijgbaar waren? Of kreeg ze daar gewoon inspiratie voor deze producten? Het verhaal is best verwarrend.