Foot and Nail Care: 5 Tips to Prepare Your Feet for the Summer!

Foot and Nail Care: 5 Tips to Prepare Your Feet for the Summer!

Foot and Nail Care: 5 Tips to Prepare Your Feet for the Summer!

Are you going on holiday and are your sandals coming with you? Or do your feet need to look perfect in your new heels? Read our five tips to make your feet shine! 

Tip 1: Taking care of your toes starts with removing your calluses

Do you have calluses on your feet and between your toes? This can be unpleasant and often doesn’t look great. You can file the callus away with a professional callus file. Make sure to only remove the excess callus because it’s important to leave some to protect the feet. By using the file regularly you also prevent the build-up of new foot calluses. After use, the feet immediately feel softer and you can see the difference instantly. 

Tip 2: Don’t cut or clip your toenails

Clipping the toenails is an absolute no-go. The cutting puts too much pressure on the nail, causing it to split. With Herome’s Pedicure Nail File you can remove calluses from your feet and toes, but also file your toenails!Toenail care_pedicure file

Tip 3: Take care of your cuticles

The cuticles on our toes are often a lot harder and drier than the ones on our fingers, but the care is just as important! First of all, properly take care of your cuticles, as this is important to prevent cuts and tears. Nail polish also looks a lot nicer when your cuticles are neatly pushed back. Use a Cuticle Remover to loosen the cuticle. Push back the cuticle with the Cuticle Pusher to really make your toenails shine.

Toenail care_cuticle care herome

Tip 4: Prevent yellow toenails

Yellow toenails are a common problem and often occur because the colour of the nail polish has soaked into your nail. That is why you should always use a Base Coat before applying nail polish. This protects the nail against staining and fills in ridges so your toenails look well-groomed and even! Use the Nourishing Base Coat Nail Polish from Herome for example. Do you suffer from ridges in your toenails? Then use this special Filling Base Coat.

Toenail care_base coat en top coat herome

Tip 5: Repair damaged nail polish

Polished toenails ensure that your feet look well-groomed and beautiful. You may have noticed that nail polish on your toes often lasts longer than the polish on your finger nails but quickly fades. Herome’s Colour Revival brings a damaged and dull polish back to life! Apply a layer and it looks like your nails have just been painted!

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