Five gifts to suit all tastes

Five gifts to suit all tastes

Five gifts to suit all tastes

Getting gifts for your friends, family, and loved ones is no small task. You want to surprise them each year with something original and unique. We get it! And if you lack inspiration, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for five gift ideas that always go down a treat. You might even like to add these little gems to your own wishlist.

Nail Essential Sets

Good nail care is just as important as good hair and body care, though it’s often a second thought for many of us. Then again, that’s what makes these products such great gifts; you wouldn’t usually buy them for yourself. Take the Nail Essential Sets, for example. Each set includes a selection of miniatures that promise one thing: nails in tip-top condition. We have three in our range:

1. Nail Essential Sets Large for damaged nails. Ideal after acrylics or medication
2. Nail Essential Sets for dry and ridged nails. Our go-to cure for dry nails.
3. Nail Essential Sets for weak and splitting nails. Chips and tears won’t stand a chance.

Brow WOW Set

Do you want Bambi-eyes? That’s a piece of cake with the Brow WOW set. There are four colours available: Nearly Black, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Taupe. Every set includes eyebrow powder, a highlighter and a sharpener. The eyebrow powder gives you thick and voluminous brows, while the highlighter helps to create a brighter and more open look. Plus, the powder is waterproof, meaning you can do your brows and not worry about them for the rest of the day.

Fix & Shape set

Do you often find yourself short on time? And are you ever surprised by last-minute invitations and in need of a quick fix-up? If so, the Fix & Shape set is a handy little set to have. It contains eyeliner and mascara, both of which are long-lasting and waterproof. They are also enriched with hyaluronic acid, jasmine and vitamin C, which help to replenish the skin and combat signs of ageing. In short: your eyes still get a dose of love, even when you’re out and out about with little time to spare.

Nail Stencils

It’s true. Some friends (or mums!) just don’t have the patience for beautiful, manicured nails. They bite them, don’t clean them properly and even forget to use hand cream regularly. You know the sort; we all know at least one. Well, we have something for them: nail stencils. These are transparent little stickers with a white edge at the top that you can simply stick on top of your nail. It’ll look like you’ve just had the perfect French manicure. Super sleek and super easy. And for a limited time, you can get nail stickers with little snowmen on them, especially for the holidays. You may even like some for yourself. 😉

Take Away Nail Colour Sets

From classic and stylish to elegant and festive. Among the Take-Away Nail Colour Sets, you’ll find the most on-trend and exuberant collection of Take Away nail colours. There is a wide range, including a set of six colours, a set of 18 colours, and even a humongous set of 100(!) different colours of nail polish. One thing’s for sure: a set of nail polish always goes down a treat. An all-round crowd-pleaser.

And here’s one last tip. After all, December isn’t just about the festivities. December brings colder temperatures and perhaps (if we’re lucky) a little snow. That means we need to give our hands and nails some extra TLC. Going from the warm indoors to the cold outside each day can take its toll, resulting in dry hands and cracked cuticles. So, if you want to avoid this, check out this recent blog on why cuticle care is so important right now.