Are your products 100% natural?

Herome believes it is important to work with the best products. Therefore, in product development, we are increasingly focused on using natural ingredients. For this reason, Herome has developed the Organic Line. The products in this line consist of 100% natural ingredients.

Are your products tested on animals?

Absolutely not! The welfare of humans and animals is very important to us. Herome Cosmetics has never been tested on animals and will never do so. We also do not finance third parties to perform animal tests for us. Herome is committed to the worldwide application of other, safe ways of testing and the global abolition of animal testing in cosmetics.

Are your products vegan?

Herome strives to make more and more products vegan. A large part of our range is already vegan, such as the Take-Away Nail Colours, nail hardeners, and nail oils. We hope to add more products to this list in the future. 

 Want to know if your product is vegan? Get in touch with our customer service team.