About us

For over 40 years!
Herome has been a market and industry leader in hand and nail care for over 40 years. Whilst on holiday in England, the founder, Margreet van Roemburg, discovered how to treat and properly look after her weak nails. Following her discovery, she was so excited that she decided to further develop her revolutionary product and bring it to The Netherlands. She has now succeeded in becoming the market leader of natural nail care in the Netherlands.

Herome’s success
Our approach works. Our customers can trust us. We only sell high-quality products that speak for themselves. Herome first focused solely on hand and nail care. However, the company soon saw other opportunities for the essential care of feet and eyes. We believe in thorough research and the fulfillment of delivering on what you promise with your products.

Our productions
Herome Cosmetics is one of the only independent Dutch cosmetics manufacturers. This means that Herome Cosmetics develops, manufactures, distributes and sells all of its own products at home and abroad. Our products find their way to consumers through wholesalers, drug stores, perfumeries, beauty salons and the Internet.