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  • Cream For Chapped Skin

  • Cuticle Night Repair

  • Nail Hardener Strong

  • Nourishing Nail Oil


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Tips & Advies

Restore Gaps easily

Gaps are most common on the hands, fingers and feet. These small cracks often are a result of very dry skin that bursts. These gaps can sometimes become bleeding wounds. Cause of gaps: Often occurs during the winter as a result of frequent and extreme changes in temperature (going inside and outside). The air is…Read more

Prevent torn cuticles

Healthy cuticles are the basis for creating beautiful, healthy, long nails. They protect the nails from invading bacteria, fungi and dirt. A ripped cuticle runs a higher risk of inflammation underneath the nail. These inflammations and infections are extremely difficult to get rid of. Often, it requires the external help of a doctor. Read our…Read more

My nails won’t grow!

Nails grow when newly formed cells push the nail plate forward. Nails grow about 3mm per month. This means that it takes about 6 months for a fingernail to be fully grown. A lack of essential minerals and vitamins can also impede the growth of nails. Long nails during the summer! Silicon, Calcium, Vitamin B7…Read more

Nieuws & Acties

New Herôme Website

Welcome on the new Herôme website! The new website has a brand new design and some innovative new features. We wanted the design of the new website to be very clean and user friendly. For example: products are categorized to hand- and nail care and to the desired actions of you as a visitor, and…Read more

Influencers Event Paris

September the 23th we invited the most trending French influencers together in the Le Grand Intercontinental Paris. The influencers received an exclusive invitation for a hand- and nail care workshop. Our Herôme Ambassadors How do you take care of your cuticles? What to do when you have a broken nail? All hand- and nail care…Read more


  • Glass Nail File Large

  • Nail Hardener Extra Strong

  • Natural Nail Whitener

  • Natural Nail Whitener